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Electric Forest 2018

(Recorded July 1, 2018)

We made the pilgrimage a third of the way across to the country to where it all began for the Muffin man; Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan. We rolled in 3 RVs and 19 brave Rageaholics deep!! We talk about how incredible the RV camping experience at Electric Forest is, especially when you bring 5,000 watts of speakers and a savage crew.

Frick Frack Blackjack

Track List:

CloZee - Lonely Island

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Manic Focus - Pushing (feat. Psymbionic)

Manic Focus' Instagram

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Psymbionic's Instagram

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G Jones - In Your Head

G Jones' Instagram

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Herobust & Monxx - Giant Squiddim (Herobust VIP)

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Monxx Instagram

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Manic Focus - Putting All of My People On (feat. ProbCause)

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San Holo - One Thing

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CharlestheFirst - The Mist (feat. CloZee)

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Space Jesus & Esseks - Professor Genius

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Golf Clap - Shake It

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G Jones & EPROM - Hysteria

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KRANE & Quix - Next World

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Mija - Talk

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Buku - YEAHBOi!

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