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Minus Zero 2018 Review

Mount Snow did an incredible job at hosting this year's Minus Zero! We hope you guys had as good of a time as we did!

Cover photo by Marshall Cole Photography

Marshall Cole Photography Instagram

Some of Marshall's shots

Marshall Cole Photography Instagram

Marshall Cole Photography Facebook Page

Some of Muffin Man's Shots

Muffin Man's Instragram

Muffin Man Photography Facebook Page

This is the festival up in New Hampshire we talked about and are most likely going to

Psychedelic Sleepover

Some shots from other photographers we love

Shot of Odesza by Logan Bykofsky for Festival Squad Logan's Instagram

Liquid Stranger shot by the one and only, Adam Straughn of ATS Photography shooting for MassEDMC

ATS Instagram

ATS Facebook Page

#MinusZero #Festival


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